NORTHERN EQUESTRIAN GROUP | Corner Harrs & South Eyre Road | Eyreton

"Dressage on Eyre"

Our Competitions

We are a small group running monthly competitions on the last Sunday of the month.  Our aim is to encourage a relaxed, supportive and fun day out for riders and their horses.  We cater for registered classes up to Level 3 and Unregistered for Training and Level 1.  We use Equestrian Entries as our platform for entries and our schedule is available via them, just look for our name "NEG" at the beginning of an event name on their available competitions.


Ground use is free until further notice - however pick up after yourselves. We are not your poo slaves! And if you see someone else has left a poo, pick that up too, it's a small price to pay for arena use isn't it? We're not paid, we are volunteers, there is no reason we should be mucking out after anyone.


Event Secretary  Tanya 021 222 0671 or General Enquiries 


We sometimes take late entries where we have space to fit them in or scratchings, so if you've missed out it's worth trying us. However, payment must still be received prior to the competition, and there may be a surcharge.

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